T-Swift tickets stolen from Ticketmaster account

Posted at 4:41 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 17:41:37-04

Millions of people are paying hundreds of dollars to see Taylor Swift at the Sprint Center. 

Andrea Kratochvil is one of those people. Only now, she’s not sure she’ll even be able to get into the show after her tickets were stolen.

“I had no idea and did not ever expect that someone could go into that account and take those tickets,” she said. 

Kratochvil got a call last week from a Ticketmaster representative saying her account had been hacked. Her tickets were stolen from her account and resold, not once, but twice. 

“The next day, Ticketmaster called back again and stated it was two tickets that were sold, and they sold for $600 apiece. They were $120 tickets.”

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Internet security expert Steve Nelson isn’t surprised by Kratochvil’s story. He sees hacking happening more and more frequently. 

“These high-target items are the ones the cyber criminals go after most often,” Nelson explained. 

He also shared some advice.

“Be protective of your passwords and watch where you are logging on,” Nelson said. “If you’re using your phone, maybe at a restaurant, at any public WiFi, make sure you’re in a position where there isn’t somebody watching all the track coming and going across your phone.”

Ticketmaster is trying to make it right for Kratochvil, but she still has serious concerns.

“Ticketmaster, they’ve been great. They’ve been very proactive, but they also have exposed all of my personal information in the process,” she said.


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