Local store combats hate with "NOH8" rally

Posted: 11:20 AM, Aug 20, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-20 12:20:27-04

Kansas City police were parked outside of Aquarius book store Saturday afternoon, as people colored "No Hate" signs inside and taped them on the window.

Store owner Barbara Criswell organized a "No Hate Zone" counter-movement in response to a Facebook post.

"The people that are threatening to have a march against us today are white supremacists and their mode of operation if you will, is to get into a rally or protest movement where they can be violent," said Criswell.

Criswell is referring to a post on Facebook from an author she says is affiliated with white supremacists.

He planned to have a book signing at her store, uninvited.

"All the people in the area that are in this community knew the ramifications of this author being here," said Criswell.

In response...Criswell posted her own Facebook message, writing:

"He is not welcomed here ... I do not carry his books; they were not appropriate. .... I reject all forms of hate, bigotry and prejudice."

Employees locked the doors at 5:00, two hours early, but not before sending a clear message of no hate to who ever showed up.