Fan attends Kobe game thanks to local business

Posted at 2:28 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-18 15:28:04-04

It happened only a few days ago but will be remembered forever. April 13, 2016 will go down in sports history as a “Where were you?” moment.

Where were you when Kobe Bryant stepped on the hardwood to play his last NBA game?

Where were you when he hit the shot to take the lead with 31 seconds left?

For Jesse Sandler, he was right there in the Staples Center – for all 60 points.

Kobe Facts:  Only player in NBA/ABA history to play 20 years with the same team. 

The Mamba’s final strike was almost a performance Sandler would have to watch from home. He purchased tickets to the Lakers’ final game of the season from a StubHub seller, assuming it may be Bryant’s last. But once Kobe’s retirement was official, the seller took the tickets back.

Tickets for Less in Overland Park heard what happened and gave Sandler four free tickets to Kobe’s final game.

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“With it being such a great game, I’m just so happy that Jesse was able to attend it because I’m sure it would have made it even harder to see such an amazing game like that and have to watch it from home when you had the chance to go,” said Jason Durbin, vice president of ticket operations at Tickets for Less. “So for him to be able to be there in person and for everybody that was at the game, I’m sure it was a lifelong memory those people will never forget.”

Kobe Facts: Bryant is third on the Points Leaders’ list with 33,643 points. 

“We’re excited to help someone out like that and he’s somebody that’s very deserving of it. We’re glad that he was able to attend the game. The main thing is, whenever you see stuff like that, you always want to help people out, and if you’re in the opportunity to help them out, in this case we were, you should always take advantage of it,” said Durbin.

Soon after the game, Sandler went on a trip out of the country and we were unable to speak with him. He was able to send photos.