Man accused of raping woman in UMKC dorm

Posted at 12:49 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 19:20:16-05

A Colorado man is accused of raping a woman in a dorm on the University of Missouri - Kansas City campus. 

Jackson County prosecutors have charged Juan Contreras with rape.

UMKC said in a statement the suspect is not a student, but is acquainted with other UMKC students.

According to the probable cause statement, the suspect, two witnesses and the victim met to go to a club in Lawrence, Kansas on February 23.

The victim told police she drank about half a beer and two shots before arriving at the club.

After dancing with Contreras at the club, the suspect offered to buy the victim a drink. She told police she does not remember anything after having that drink.

Security camera footage shows the suspect carrying the victim, who appeared to be passed out and missing a shoe, into Johnson Hall, according to court documents. 

Court documents say the victim woke up the next morning and found she was half-naked. The victim asked the suspect what happened, and the suspect told her they had sex.

The victim became very angry, striking Contreras in the face several times. She accused the suspect of raping her. The victim went to North Kansas City Hospital the next day for an examination.

Court documents say Contreras told police he had sex with the victim. 

UMKC also said in the statement, "The case has been reported to the university’s Title IX office and to the Violence Prevention and Response office. Per Missouri state statute relating to sexual assault cases, the police report will not be made public. UMKC has made counseling services available to all of the students involved in the case." 

Some students were disappointed to hear about the alleged sexual assault but not shocked.

“I feel like every week we hear something about [rape] on social media, in the news. It’s kind of scary to know that that’s our world now,” said Chelsea Price, a senior at UMKC.

Madison Sisson is a freshman at UMKC. News that someone was allegedly raped in her dorm, Johnson Hall, makes her more determined to watch out for her own safety.  

“I personally don’t drink, but for the people that I know that do, it’s always a big concern, you know, just always to watch out who’s pouring your drink and always keep an eye on it,” said Sisson.





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