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Man faces charges in connection to Saturday's Westport shooting

Man charged in Saturday's Westport shooting
Posted at 10:31 AM, Mar 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-01 16:24:25-05

KANSAS CITY,Mo. — A man has been charged in Saturday's Westport shooting that left one dead and four others injured.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has charged Devon L. Carter, 25 with unlawful use of a weapon, and armed criminal action.

Peters Baker said a Kansas City, Missouri, police officer saw a white SUV with occupants shooting at others in Westport.

Surveillance video confirmed occupants of the vehicle were firing from the vehicle.

Carter said he was the driver, according to documents.

Carter also said 30 friends and family were in a Westport Club with him for a birthday celebration.

An altercation with another group initiated the gunfire after they left the club.

The vehicle was located near 39th Main streets a short time later in a parking lot.

Numerous shell casings and bullet holes were found.

Other video showed that after the white SUV parked at 39th and Main streets, two other vehicles came into the lot, and people left the SUV and got into those vehicles, carrying items into other vehicles.

Police recovered 95 shell casings in the area of the shooting. About 40 shell casings in the area of the shooting matched shell casings found in the parked SUV.

The shooting remains under investigation. Peters Baker said additional charges are likely.

Prosecutors requested a $200,000.00 bond.