Metro neighborhoods recovering from storm damage

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 23:57:55-04

Business and homeowners in the metro are cleaning up after severe weather over the weekend damaged homes and knocked out power.

In the Longfellow neighborhood, crews worked on a massive tree that fell Saturday night. 

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Miraculously the tree fell right between a business and a house.




"It had taken the entire sidewalk and it was amazing it landed between our building and the house next door with barely touching either of them… it could not have been a better… perfect land," said Kelly Wilson, who owns Weave Gotcha Covered, the business the tree narrowly missed.

The drapery business never even lost power, unlike some other residents in the neighborhood.

Just a few blocks away, Amethyst house is still without power. The transitional home for women and children has been in the dark since Saturday night. 

Residents say they are starting to get concerned.

"They are frustrated too because they want to get it on as fast as possible," said Valorie Nevarro, whose husband works for KCP&L.

Like most employees, Nevarro’s husband has been working around the clock to restore power to the metro. She says he has been out working more than he has been home.

"This last time with the 80,000 and then the 93,000 you know it is going to be a few days before they can get everybody back," she said.

Christina Hubbard says she hopes to see a Kansas City Power & Light truck come by soon.

"Still haven’t come. It's Monday afternoon and a lot of the moms there are stressing because the food is going bad and a lot of us don’t have a lot of people to go to and just take our food to… so it’s been a little stressful," said Hubbard.

On Charlotte Street, a tree from one resident’s backyard smashed through two other neighboring properties.

Tim Colley’s backyard received most of the damage. His fence, new patio furniture and new deck were destroyed.

Colley says he is heartbroken and overwhelmed, "I mean it’s the little things… I can’t even let the dogs out because there’s no fence."

Colley says he knows it could’ve been much worse and he’s grateful that no one what hurt but dealing with all of the damage, insurance companies, power and cable companies is stressful.

"How do people cope with this? It’s something you are not prepared for and don’t know what to do with when it happens," said Colley.

Colley’s home had power Monday morning, but KCP&L crews had to disconnect it. When the tree fell it pulled down live power lines into the neighboring driveway. In order for crews to restore power to the entire neighborhood safely, they needed to turn it off. 

In Gladstone, Candice and Todd Barton were at home when not one, but two trees smashed into their house Saturday night.

“And all the sudden two of the loudest sounds I probably heard hitting the house in quick succession… at first we thought the first tree… it hit one of our cars,” said Candice.

When they walked outside they saw that wasn’t the case, they knew they had a big job ahead of them.

Monday the couple assessed the damage and learned what their insurance company can cover.

They also found out that their power cannot be restored until they themselves repair the damaged electric meter attached to their house.