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Missouri Rep. Crystal Quade files bill to appeal the state's 'extreme' abortion law

Crystal Quade
Posted at 11:22 AM, Sep 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-20 12:25:43-04

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Rep. Crystal Quade, a Democrat from Springfield, has filed a bill in response to Missouri's anti-abortion trigger laws, which took effect this summer.

The bill seeks to demolish what Quade sees as "extreme" legislature, according to the press release. After the Dobbs decision, abortions in Missouri were outlawed, regardless of length of the pregnancy and even in cases of rape or incest. House Bill 126 was enacted in 2019.

Quade explained her bill — House Bill 11 — was a necessity in her release while criticizing tax cuts proposed by Gov. Mike Parson.

"Preventing the state from imposing forced pregnancies on unwilling Missourians is a top priority; pushing through a fiscally irresponsible tax cut for the wealthy when nearly every area of state government is underfunded is not," the statement reads.

After the law took effect, Democrats argued it was clumsily worded and could potentially criminalize women using birth control, though it makes no mention of contraceptives. Parson did not call a special session to clarify, saying HB 126 does not affect contraception.

Democrats also argued HB 126 would affect women with ectopic pregnancies through its vague language, but Parson said doctors should define whether a pregnancy is life-threatening, not legislators. The law states that women may receive an abortion in cases of life endangerment.

Performing an abortion is a Class B felony in Missouri.

Quade said she filed in a continued fight for reproductive rights. The bill would completely repeal HB 126.

"Try though they might, the governor and majority Republicans won’t be able to change the subject from their record of disdain for individual freedom," she said.