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Missouri River in Parkville now expected to crest at 33.7 feet by Saturday

Parkville floodwaters
Posted at 1:55 PM, Mar 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-05 14:05:22-04

PARKVILLE, Mo. — Right now, the Missouri River at Parkville is at 30.44 feet.

The National Weather Service said it expects the river to crest at 33.7 feet by Saturday evening.

While floodwaters continue to rise, hundreds of people stopped by the Farmer's Market in Parkville to look at the floodwaters' impact to English Landing park.

"I was just hoping it didn't come any higher — stays right where it's at. We've seen worse," resident Rick Quinn said. "I was in the flood of 1993 in Riverside. I worked for Beverly Lumber and it was way worse than this."

"What I want to see, is how high is it going to come?" Rich Ambler said. "You know, both the boat ramps are underwater and of course everything's going to need a huge cleanup afterwards. It's going to be awhile before this park is used."

Sarah Van Avery, who is from Liberty, but works in Parkville, said these floodwaters are something she's never experienced before.

"My immediate reaction was fear, yeah big time," she said.

While officials said they do not believe the flood will affect downtown businesses at all, Van Avery said were she works, they're taking every precaution.

"My boss was telling me, 'Hey, if I tell you to come up to the shop cause we're going to start taking stuff down, get up to the shop as fast as you can,'" Van Avery said. "She says it's just precaution, but that's definitely a major thing that I've been hearing is that a lot of people are going to be cleaning off their floors for just-in-case purposes."

Officials said as of right now, they're nowhere near getting ready to sandbag. They plan to continue monitoring the flooding at the park.