Most KCPS school buses arrived on time; some students still left at bus stops

Posted at 9:53 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 22:53:31-04

It's not perfect but Wednesday was definitely the best day since school started this week for the school's new school bus provider, Daye Transportation.

41 Action News has been there for all the problems, frustrated parents and stranded students. That’s why we wanted to be there Wednesday to show viewers just how much things have changed.

Students boarded the buses Wednesday afternoon and their rides home went off without a hitch as transportation arrived and left on time.

That said, Wednesday morning there were two buses with Daye Transportation that did not arrive. When the two buses did not show up, the system sent out an alert and First Student Transportation came to the rescue.

On Tuesday we counted a total of eight late or absent buses.

Superintendent Mark Bedell sent a voicemail to all parents in the district promising to fix the transportation problem. He also said he would keep parents in the loop.

“We are also creating a process moving forward to communicate with you in the rare cases where we have buses that are late,” he explained. “We know this issue will not be fixed overnight. We are working tirelessly to make the process more efficient for our students and families.”

The superintendent also apologized for the inconvenience in that voicemail and for the hardships it caused families. He should know because he is one of them. Buses left his two children, who go to Lincoln College Prep Academy, stranded at the bus stop. Bedell said he had to drive them to school.



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