Motivation Monday: Bootcamp Fitness creating 'prescription for a great life'

Posted at 7:25 AM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 10:33:59-04

When you think of the phrase “boot camp,” what comes to mind?

Sergeant Carter hollering in the ear of a smiling Gomer Pyle?

Forget that.

In fact, forget about anybody, in your face, telling you to “drop and give me 20!”

According to one of the coaches here at Bootcamp Fitness in Prairie Village, Brian Pandji, while the early days of this program were based on that intense kind of workout, now, things have changed.

It involves the same focus and discipline but with a softer touch and voice.

This gym has been here for 13 years, providing every level of exercise.

Coach Brian says the first step is to talk to the new arrival and find out what it will take for that person to live his or her best life.

The initial consultation is free, aiming to find ways to hold you accountable for your own program.

This is about more than just reps.

This is about all aspects of a healthier life including nutrition and attitude.

One side of the facility is for the first steps of bootcamp…the other ratchets up the intensity and moves into a cross-fit type of workout.

Whether you’re looking for group training, private coaching or something sport-specific, Bootcamp Fitness wants to give you a “prescription for a great life.”

That’s something even Sergeant Carter and Gomer would say sounds just right.