Motivation Monday: HitchFit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This is not just a Motivation Monday.

It’s a Transformation Monday!

HitchFit is unlike any other gym in town.

They do not necessarily want you to keep coming in week after week, year after year.

This is a place that focuses on a 12 to 16 week plan to change your life and, as they say around here, make you the best “you” can be.

Micah Lacerte and his team have been transforming lives in Kansas City and around the world online for nearly ten years.

In that time, their program has helped people lose around 300,000 pounds, 80,000 of those right here in our town.

This morning we met one couple who are finishing up the first phase of their transformation.

Anissa has always been in shape and is working to stay that way.  Her husband Rob had a different story.

Rob was on a long list of medications to address a plethora of problems brought on by obesity.

On a trip to Mexico, when Rob had forgotten his blood pressure meds, things got very serious.

For Rob, HitchFit was not just life-changing.  It was life-saving.

Between the two of them, Rob and Anissa have lost more than 70 pounds.

This is a workout, nutrition and motivation program with a definite beginning, middle and end.

And, by the end… you’ll like your middle.


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