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New gaming center provides positive space for young people

Local Legends Gaming
Posted at 9:54 PM, May 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-18 23:53:23-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new business on Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri, aims to provide a safe, positive place for young people to spend time together.

There are those who complain young people spend too much time on their phones and computers, but Abdul Rasheed Yahaya sees Local Legends Gaming as a way to help keep kids off the street.

“As a Kansas City native, I grew up going to the Grandview Skateland and other places, but for the under-21 crowd there really isn’t a place for them to go and have a good time,” Yahaya said.

He opened the video game Mecca at 3933 Main St. in December, and it's been a hit.

“I play a lot of Xbox when I am at home, but I like competition and we don’t have a gaming spot where people can link up and play,” said Tim Miller, who visited Local Legends Gaming for the first time Saturday after hearing there would be a Madden NFL tournament. “I am probably going to bring my son here later today or probably tomorrow to let him try it out and play Fortnite and all that stuff."

The space also has a second floor for additional events like painting or parties.

"Right now, we have a speed dating event upstairs, providing a space for young professionals to come together and possibly create a relationship,” Yahaya said. "But also for those gaming, they can come together, game and have a good time."

The business also has a mobile gaming center, which can take events around the city.

“We are limited to a lot of things," Miller said. "You have bars and Westport, (but) we don’t have places for like entertainment for all ages. This is an all ages place."

Games, fellowship and safety — all things Yahaya hopes will bring more people to Main Street.

“This felt the perfect location to get folks together and share some experiences, especially in gaming,” Yahaya said.