New public restrooms coming to Weston amid busy festival season

17th annual Irish Fest Oct. 13-15
Posted at 5:09 PM, Oct 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-10 18:10:02-04

WESTON, Mo. – If you're thinking about attending Irish Fest in Weston Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you may want to scope out your restroom options as you plan your visit.

New public restrooms are under construction in the old police station that had been turned into a storage building.

The Public Works Department is handling the construction work, but it’s come to a halt as they wait to get approval from the City Council on Monday to move forward with fixture purchases.

The city says public restrooms have been the most-requested amenity to serve its tourists.

“It will sure help. We still need a few port-a-potties because we get a lot of traffic in town for the Irish Fest, AppleFest and even the Christmas Homes Tour that’s coming next,” Mike Large, superintendent of Public Works, said.

The Saint George Hotel in downtown Weston allows anyone to use their restrooms at any time. The manager said he believes that adding additional restrooms in town will better serve the city’s visitors.

"Another restroom would be awesome. We need to accommodate those visitors that we depend on to make our living,” Saint George Hotel Manager Robert Menninger said.  

The new public restrooms are expected to be ready for use in December.

The City of Weston, Chamber of Commerce, Platte County Parks and Recreation and the Rotary Club all pitched in to cover the total cost of $60,000.