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Notices about painting addresses on curbs cause confusion in Fairway

Posted at 5:59 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 19:39:10-05

FAIRWAY, Kan. — In Fairway, Kansas, notices were sprinkled across neighborhoods, and people weren't sure where they were coming from. 

"I just thought it was some entrepreneur trying to make some extra money," Lloyd Steadman said.

"So do I have any option against this or no," Marilyn Dodd asked.

Dodd said she saw the notice on her trash can. The flier said reflective home addresses will be painted on the curbs in her neighborhood. 

"I thought it came from the trash people, the collectors," she said. 

But the notices didn't come from WCA or the city.

"We had a resident bring the flier into City Hall and we had no idea what it was,” Fairway City Administrator Nathan Nogelmeier said.

The notices are coming from Mark Booher. 

"I don’t want to confuse people," Booher said. "It does break my heart whenever I’m trying to do good for people and people get upset with me."

He's the organizer of the Youth Freedom Fund.

"Everything I make with these curbs, everything I make from investing, is going towards this program," Booher said.

The service is a $25 fee. 

Booher, who helps people in need overseas, said the fund helps children in the Philippines.  

"What these proceeds go for is helping these kids finish school, college, and it’s an amazing thing," Booher said.

He said the proceeds go a long way to help these children and their futures. 

The cities of Fairway and Roeland Park both stated it is not required to have your home address on the curb. 

"If homeowners want to engage in this service, they can. I would just encourage them to do their homework and understand what their business is and where the funds are going,” Nogelmeier said.

As of now, Youth Freedom Fund is not a recognized 501 C organization. Booher said he's in the process of becoming one.