Oklahoma earthquake felt in Kansas City metro area causes damage to local courthouse

Posted at 5:02 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 21:41:23-04

The sidewalks next to the juvenile court in Wyandotte County are closed thanks to a crack spanning from the top of the building to the bottom.

Bricks are clearly lodged out of place.

The county says the reason for the damage to the building is a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that happened 300 miles away in Oklahoma.

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Defense attorney Philip Sedgwick comes to the courthouse often to represent clients.

"It totally surprises me I'd have no idea that it would cause that kind of damage," said Sedgwick.

He says he never questioned the construction of the courthouse, until hearing of the damage the county says the quake caused.

"It does make you wonder whether the building was built all that well but yeah I don't know I would have never expected it," said Sedgwick.

County Spokesperson Edwin Birch says the damage is only to the outside of the building, and is safe for employees to work in. 41 Action News went inside the building to check, but the side of the building with the crack is closed to the public.

Birch stated the county hired a private engineering company to inspect the building to make sure it is safe for people to work in.

“We are working with a structural engineer and we are working with them to again they've reviewed the building and I don't know what the next steps are right now but of course we will fix the exterior of the building," said Birch.

Birch says this is the only government building in Wyandotte damaged by the earthquake.

"That's amazing, I didn't realize that it would do that to that building that's really amazing," said Kansas City, Kansas resident Anthony Hope.

No word yet on how much it is going to cost to fix the damage. 



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