Olathe mom running out of time to find daughter

Posted at 4:28 AM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 08:36:33-04

Olathe Police are helping look for 17-year-old Alexis Castle.

Her mother, Lisa Bledsoe, said Castle left April 30 and she hasn't heard her voice since.

Bledsoe has put up more than 400 missing child posters since Castle went missing, but she said time is running out and a smartphone app is concealing any possible location.

"She was doing really well working 40 hours a week for me, so she was working full-time and going to school full-time and when she did have free time, she was spending it with her sisters," explained Bledsoe.

Now, this mother fears for the worst.

"She has no job, I have her birth certificate, her social security card, all of her clothes are here," said Bledsoe. 

Bledsoe has tried calling her constantly.

"My friends ask if I have heard her voice? Actually, I haven’t I haven’t heard her voice. I have gotten unknown text messages from an unknown number that is not traceable which I later figured out is an app," said Bledsoe.

When Bledsoe dials that number, a voicemail picks up but police can't track it.

Police consider Castle a runaway, so they may not be able to do anything else for much longer.

Bledsoe explained, "They only do so much on a case like this unless they get a new lead, and so our efforts now are to create all of the leads we can so they can continue to search for her because if we don’t, then it just gets thrown aside with everything else."

Castle is a minor in Kansas so if someone is harboring her, they can be charged.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.


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