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Olathe teen with life-threatening allergy working to raise awareness in schools

olathe teen raises food allergy awareness
Posted at 8:17 AM, May 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-13 09:17:06-04

OLATHE, Kan. — An Olathe teen with a life-threatening allergy is teaching others to be allergy aware.

May 12 through May 18 is Food Allergy Awareness Week.

During lunch hour at Olathe North High School, Daytona Hodson is talking with others about allergies.

"With food allergies you kind of have to be your own advocate," Daytona said.

He and Teen Teal Kansas City have set up a table with posters and information about allergies.

Daytona, a junior at Olathe Northwest, came to Olathe North to show students that learning about allergies not only helps kids with allergies, it helps everybody in the education system.

"When I was in middle school I experienced some food allergy bullying. And that was mostly because they didn't know what food allergies were," Daytona said. "One of things that I see the most is that kids are afraid to speak up and will be like, ‘Hey, I have a food allergy.'"

This is the third year that Daytona has gone to different schools and held allergy awareness booths.

"I am really proud of what he's done," said Becky Hodson, Daytona's Mother. "He's done amazing work in the city of Olathe and Olathe schools."