Long-time Chiefs' fan talks 50 years of memories

Posted at 9:25 PM, Jan 08, 2016
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Gary Friedman signed up for a Kansas City Chiefs season ticket before the team even moved to town.

At 15-years-old, Friedman became a season ticket holder. That was 1963.

Fast forward 53 years later, and Friedman is still a season ticket holder and active member of Chiefs Kingdom.

"I am one of the longest season ticket holders because I bought my ticket before the Chiefs even came to Kansas City,” Friedman said. “I've seen some bad seasons. I've seen some good seasons."

He’s also collected a good share of sports memorabilia and memories.

“I walked the red carpet in New York on draft day, and I carried that hat down Broadway in New York before we went to the actual ceremony,” Friedman said of his Draft Day 2014 experience.

In 2012, he was awarded a special football encased in glass from the Kansas City Chiefs for being a 50-year season ticket holder.

The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game was January of 1994. Friedman was there to see it, in Houston.

He expects the same outcome on Saturday.

"Well, they said they didn't have JJ Watts then, but you know, it was a first game of the real season for both of the teams. They've won the last 7 of their 9 games, but we've done better doggone good too,” he said. “I think the Chiefs can pull this out."

Friedman isn’t sure he’ll make it to the playoff game this year, but he’s not worried.

He’s pulling for his team to go all the way.

“Well of course they are going to go all the way! How can you not say they're not going to go all way. And if they go all the way, we're all going to be there aren't we?”

Friedman attended the 1970 Super Bowl when the Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings.

He paid just $15 for his ticket.


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