Parade of Homes on display in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It’s parade time!

Except in this case, you do the marching and the “floats” stay put.

And, in this case, the “floats” are 381 beautiful homes by 112 builders spread over seven counties, priced from $165 thousand to the millions.

This is the 55th Annual Spring Parade, starting April 22 and running until May 7.

Now, that’s a whole bunch of numbers but I hope you have room for one more: 55,000.

That’s the number of meals the Home Builders Association (HBA) hopes to provide, in partnership with Harvesters, to KC kids this summer through donations at the HBA office and, even better, donations at the HBA website.

According to Patrick Willis, of Willis Custom Homes, the spring and summer months are the period when food pantry shelves get close to empty and that makes the timing of the Spring Parade perfect.

Of course, in addition to helping feed Kansas City, the parade gives you a chance to walk through some of the most amazing homes in the area, including the one we visited with Mr. Willis in Loch Lloyd.


The design is called The Clydesdale, and like the horse, it is gorgeous and memorable.

5500 square feet of surprises like a doggie spa, a multi-level outdoor area with flames and fountains, a bar that would make the folks at “Cheers” feel like everybody really does know their names.

This million dollar home is an entertainment paradise.

So, step on up,  get in on a sign of the season, The Spring Parade of Homes, and help Harvesters stock up so many other KC kitchens.




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