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Chiefs rally victim's daughter honors her mother's legacy by taking over DJ gigs

Adriana Galvan steps up to the DJ booth in honor of her mother, Lisa Lopez Galvan
Posted at 5:49 AM, Mar 31, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the woman who died in the shooting following the Chiefs Super Bowl rally, is being remembered by her 19-year-old daughter, Adriana Galvan, as she takes over her mother's DJ gigs.

Adriana made her DJ debut at the Guadalupe Centers on Saturday for a Kansas City Bravos softball fundraiser. It's an event Lisa would play at every year.

"Taking over her DJing is honoring her, and keeping her spirit alive, really," she said.

Adriana Galvan, Lisa Lopez Galvan's daughter

Adriana is stepping into her mother's shoes, literally and metaphorically. She wore her mother's Nike tennis shoes and is even using her same equipment.

"I feel like I show the best side of her when I DJ and perform her music," Adriana said. "Her social butterfly, outgoing in the moment-type person."

Lisa was killed when she was struck by a stray bullet during the Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Parade in mid-February. Adriana was there, along with other family members.

She said the past few months have been hard, but DJing has brought her comfort. It's something she was learning through her mother before she was killed.

Family members and friends flooded into the Guadalupe Centers to see Adriana perform. The Bravos manager said there's usually a good turn out for the event, but when word got out about Adriana, it became a much bigger event.

"They all said to me every time they gave me a hug and see me, 'I’m proud of you, and she’s for sure proud of you up there,'" Adriana said.

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Mike Galvan is Lisa's husband, and Adriana's father. He called the event, "bittersweet".

"Seeing my daughter perform, you know... just reminds me of her mom," Mike said, fighting back tears. "Just uh, it’s hard to, hard to grasp. I still don’t believe that she’s gone."

Mike Galvan, Lisa's husband and Adriana's father

He said he sees so much of his wife in Adriana.

"Smile, the big smile ... big smile, and a love for music," Mike said. "They both loved music."

In fact, Adriana said her lifelong nickname has been "Little Lisa."

This is just the beginning of her career. Adriana said she's grateful to continue playing and honoring her mother. Keeping the family business going, while also keeping Lisa's legacy going.

"DJing makes me feel really connected with her, for sure," she said. "I feel like she’s right next to me every time I’m playing music."