Parents hope for better KCPS education this year

Posted at 10:47 PM, Aug 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 13:26:13-04

Monday marks the first school day under new superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell's leadership.

The evening before its start, anxious KCPS parents reflect on their hopes and concerns for a new school year.

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KCPS mother Delanda Jackson worries about her son’s safety.  He is an elementary student.

“I'm excited for him to go to school this year and just hoping and praying that he’d be ok while he’s going to school everyday, while he’s going to school and make it back home,” said Jackson.

Veronica Johnson is concerned that teachers aren't getting the tools they need to properly educate her children.

“You know we need teachers to teach. We need teachers to teach the right way so that my son, my daughter, my niece, my nephew can get the right education so that they can go up to the next grade with a good head on their shoulders,” said Johnson.

KCPS mother Charmaine Gray isn’t confident her daughter’s education is up to national standards.

“That’s a big thing for my daughter, is trying to get her where she needs to be. And they need to work on that because a lot of kids are behind. If they don’t know anything, how are they supposed to take care of themselves when they get older?” said Gray.

Capri Criswell questions KCPS’s curriculum.

“I know last year there was an issue with my son going to school and they didn’t even give out homework, so I had to give him my own homework: Reading once a day. Printing off little paperwork for him to do so that way his education could continue because (the teacher) just didn’t give out homework and I just don’t understand that,” said Criswell.

41 Action News asked if the level of education KCPS provides their kids meets expectations.

“I think they’re working towards that. I think they’re struggling but I see the work, that they are trying to make it better,” said Gray.

“Unfortunately I would have to say no,” said Criswell.

“I want to say not necessarily, but you know they’re trying. We gotta put ourselves out there as parents to help them,” said Johnson.

“We have a good superintendent. I hope that he can take care of business and get these schools accredited so that they can learn the education that they need to learn.”

Criswell shares the optimistic outlook.

“Tomorrow’s a new day. We’ll see. We’ll see how that goes,” said Criswell.



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