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Parkville's Main Street named 'most charming' main street in Missouri

Posted at 4:35 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 17:36:23-05

PARKVILLE, Mo. -- It might be called Main Street or it may just serve that purpose. Regardless, these streets lead you into the heart of a small town. 

"It's a quaint, small town feel, so close to the metropolitan area," said Mike Carney, Main Street Parkville Association President

When you walk up and down Main Street in Parkville, it takes you back in time.

"The pace is a little slower and it's a throwback to yester-year with some of the streetscapes and being able to walk along and go in and out of all the different shops," said Carney. 

Taking a look around downtown Parkville, you'll find some of the best local restaurants, shopping and people-watching. 

"This downtown area is still the heart of the city and what everyone identifies with," said Carney. 

Now, the small stretch of roads is how people all over the world will see Parkville. In a recent article, USA Today named the city the "Most Charming Main Street" in the state of Missouri. 

"It was a total surprise. We did not expect it and it was a pleasant surprise," said Carney. 

It's been an even better surprise for businesses.

Sarah Roos grew up in Parkville and currently runs Farm House Collection in the center of town. Having been open less than two years, she's seen customers from everywhere. 

"You have people from Ohio, Michigan, all over. We have some people from England that come in here whenever they're back in the states and they buy things," said Roos. 

Roos said the relationship customers make with businesses in Parkville is what makes the city so unique. 

Holding on to the charm, the city is still improving. In the next month, Parkville will begin work on new sidewalks and update all street lighting to LED's. 

"We don't really compete with other areas. What we try to do is be the best we can be," said Carney. 

Highway 99, also known as the "Road to Oz Highway," will lead you to Wamego's Lincoln Avenue. USA Today's "Most Charming Main Street" in the state of Kansas.