Partially collapsed house worries West Plaza neighbors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Neighbors on a West Plaza street are concerned about a house that partially collapsed around Memorial Day weekend. 

Caution tape surrounds the property at 4731 Fairmount Avenue. A sign is posted on the door from the Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department alerting the property owner to correct a list of violations. 

According to neighbors, roofers put siding on top of the house, and the roof collapsed while workers were there. 

The house has been unoccupied for a couple years and deteriorated according to neighbor JoEllen Rupp, and this collapse makes the house even more of a blemish on their street. 

"It's just a huge eyesore, and it needs to be torn down immediately," said Rupp.

Other neighbors are worried about the safety of others around the house.

"I'm afraid someone's going to get hurt, you know. Kids are going to go in there and be curious. People are driving by, looking. So everyone is curious," said Dina Lester. 

The property manager, Vernon Goodman, told 41 Action News he purchased the property late last year in hopes of renovating the house. However, this collapse means he will have to demolish the structure and rebuild. Goodman said right now he's waiting on the city for a demo permit and working with three different insurance agencies. 

Kansas City Neighborhoods and Housing Services Division Manager Dalena Taylor said utilities have been cut, however, permits have not been pulled as of yet and staff is monitoring the process. 

Nick Starling is a reporter. See his full story at 6 p.m. and check back for updates.


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