Party and rental company owner weighs in on Kansas regulations

Posted at 11:24 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 00:24:01-04

The spotlight is on the state of Kansas and the Department of Labor as the investigation into the death of Caleb Schwab continues.

Shawnee business owner Zach Wilson knows first-hand about the state’s statutes on safety.

He owns Fun Services, an party and rental company.  

"We're dealing with children; we want to make sure the kids are safe,” said Wilson, who makes safety his number one priority.

For every state Wilson rents or operates in, he has to fulfill those requirements.

“Kansas is very lax,” he said. "They just say you're obligated to keep records, you're obligated to inspect. You have a responsibility to inspect, which is, in my opinion, barely a minimum to even come close to."

Wilson keeps a book of records with every mechanical ride. It’s open for the public and state to see, but neither typically ask.

He said the most popular question from customers is regarding ride restraints.

“People ask for help with their seatbelt, if it is on right, if they are wearing the right one,” he said.  

He said it’s important to be sure the seatbelt clicks, is snug, and can be tightened up.



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