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Patrick Mahomes, Troy Polamalu face off in new commercial

Posted at 10:39 AM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-21 11:39:16-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes appeared in a Head & Shoulders commercial with former Pittsburgh Steelers player Troy Polamalu.

In the ad released Tuesday, an argument between Polamalu and the darling of Kansas City quickly turns from shampoo to more sensitive topics.

Mahomes argues Head & Shoulders provides the best “offense for my hair,” while Polamalu counters, “No, no, no, no — it’s great defense against flakes!”

The commercial continues with the two superstar players battling it out over a variety of topics, including boxers versus briefs and the correct way to pronounce “gif.”

It closes with Mahomes pointing out that he’s the 2019 NFL MVP.

Polamalu fires back, “Super Bowl champ, twice.”

Yeah, that last one stings just a bit.

Watch the full commercial below.