People attend WWI Centennial for history and to remember loved ones

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some people in the crowd of the National World War I Commemoration ventured to the ceremony for the sake of history, others to remember loved ones who were in The Great War.

With a picture of his father, a WWI veteran, next time him, Bob Good said his Kansas City native dad didn’t talk about his tours too much.

“He was one of the last ones there I think,” said Good.

Good’s son, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army, said what his grandfather did inspired his service.

“It’s just super important that we pass this on to the next generation because those sacrifices that were made, we need to commemorate that,” said Greg Good.

UMKC student Melisa Coloma from Chile said she came to Liberty Memorial to learn.

“For me this is very important. I’m not American, but I know that [WWI soldiers] fought for a big dream for us for the war,” said Coloma.

Fellow Chilean student Rocia Altamirano highlighted the global impact the war had.

“This was not only an important event for American history, but for war history, so I feel honored to be here,” said Altamirano.

Navy veteran Don Keener said he showed up to keep the memory of World War I intact.

“I thought it was important to be here, just being a local coming out and supporting the community and supporting the museum. I think it’s important to remember those that are no longer here,” said Keener.

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