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Pet-friendly ice melt tough to find in KC metro

Posted: 9:25 PM, Feb 18, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-19 04:25:04Z
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ice melt is a hot commodity in the Kansas City area, and pet-friendly ice melt is even harder to find.

41 Action News checked a warehouse store, major hardware store and a couple of independent hardware stores before we found pet-friendly ice melt. Only the independent hardware stores had regular ice melt. One of the two carried a pet safe version.

KC Pet Project asked supporters via social media to donate through its Amazon Wish List.

"We have gone through a lot this year, so we depend solely on donations of the generosity of our community to help us," Tori Fugate, communications and marketing director with KC Pet project, said.

Dr. Brad Twigg, owner and veterinarian of the Plaza Animal Clinic, said the danger is, "The side effects, or the irritants, that can happen whenever dogs ingest or touch the more corrosive materials that can damage or irritate their feet between their paw pads."

There are a few quick fixes:

  • wipe off their paws with a damp towel to make sure the salt is all off
  • balm you rub onto their paws before walking to protect their feet
  • booties that serve as a barrier for their paws on walks

Finally, Dr. Twigg adds, "Make sure they're not ingesting any of them no matter if they're the pet safe ones or not."