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Pigs fall from truck; officer thinks dispatch said kids

Posted at 10:30 AM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 11:30:45-04

MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP)  — Confusion about whether pigs or kids had tumbled out of a vehicle in Kansas led to a humorous exchange between a dispatcher and an officer.

Police in Riley County posted audio of the exchange on Facebook under the hearing, "Just a typical day in Kansas."

It starts with a dispatcher telling an officer, "We evidently have a truck that is losing pigs out the back. The officer then attempts to clarify, saying "Kids, as in children?" The dispatcher then clarified, "No, pigs. As in little pink animals with curly tails."

Body-camera video shows the officer then arriving at the scene to find two people who had apparently captured the pigs holding them with leashes.