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Platte Woods officers surprise drivers with gift cards for the holidays

Posted at 5:55 PM, Dec 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-24 18:55:28-05
PLATTE WOODS, Mo. -- This Christmas Eve, Platte Woods police are doing something a little different this year.
"You know the last few years, it’s been hard on law enforcement," Noon said. "At the beginning of my career in law enforcement,  these were the things I enjoyed doing, is interaction with the public in a positive way."
And this Christmas Eve, that's just what Platte Woods Deputy Chief Tom Noon is doing.
"I know we’ve touched a lot of people doing this, and that feels good," Noon said.
Platte Woods officers pulled people over, not handing them a ticket, but a $25 gift card.
"It’s been great to see the officers, kind of their morale boost a little bit to give back this time of year," Noon said. 
The 40 gift cards were a $1000 donation to the department, and officers were ready to pass them out and give back.
"We are a small department," Noon said. "We have 12 officers, so we don't have many opportunities to do something like this, so it's been great."
It was a traffic stop, that turned into an early Christmas gifts for some drivers passing by in the Platte Woods neighborhood.
"I think it’s great that we can show that the interaction with we police department can be a positive one, not always a negative one," Noon said.
Noon says he and the officers hope to do this new tradition for years to come.