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Plunge in temperatures Tuesday night could be the third-biggest drop in nearly 80 years

People react to huge temperature fluctuations
Posted at 11:08 PM, Feb 27, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you live in Kansas or Missouri, you're probably used to those days where you show for work in short sleeves and leave work in a winter coat.

But how much temperature fluctuation is normal?

The 70-degree plunge in the feels-like temperature is a great example of what is not normal.

Even if people knew what to expect, the drop in the outside temperature in a few hours was still a bit of a shock for those enjoying the warm weather.

“It felt like spring and now it feels like it’s going to go back to winter soon,” Shane Yeman said.

A woman said she expects changes in the weather.

"Spring today, winter tomorrow, summer on Friday. Like, it changes all the time," Alyssa Matney said.

Braelyn Smith has lived here for 23 years, and while she agrees change is normal, Tuesday's extreme is not.

“I mean, I’ve not seen it ever be this drastic before," she said.

A check of weather history reveals the temperature change from 75 degrees, which tied a record high temperature, and the slide down to single-digit temperatures would mark the third-largest drop since 1948.