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Pools set to open Memorial Day weekend across Kansas City area

Lifeguards are still needed but majority of city pools set to operate under normal hours
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Posted at 7:13 AM, May 16, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo — The 2023 pool season is shaping up to be more successful than previous years for Kansas City area pools.

Back in 2022, Kansas City was forced to shorten its pool season due to a lifeguard shortage, but this year, KCMO will open up its city pools Memorial Day weekend.

The Budd, Brush, Line Creek, Grove, Springs and Bay facilities will be open. According to a city spokesperson, Gorman has some construction taking place, but it could still open

Midwest Pools helps manages KC’s pools and says lifeguard applications are up and comparable to pre-COVID numbers

“Our application numbers are up, so we're very optimistic about that," said Chad Beasley with Midwest Pool Management. "Applications don't always translate to physical employees too, so we're just working on that.”

Lifeguards hired by Midwest Pools are offered a starting rate of $15 an hour, with incentives and bonuses throughout the summer months.

“We should have all pools open on that weekend, we still got some time to do a little bit of work and get some folks through certification classes, but we are optimistic that will happen,” Beasley said.

Overland Park is also paying its lifeguards $15. Last year, Overland Park was only able to open three of its four pools because of a lifeguard shortage. This season, those with Overland Park say they feel confident they will be able to open all four facilities and its indoor pool. At last check, Overland Park has 214 lifeguards on board and still needs to hire about 25 more, those with the city would ideally like to be at 300.

“Everybody's hiring, you walk around anywhere and it's the same story, different year, so it’s just continuing to be competitive in the market for us,” Overland Park Aquatics Supervisor Renee Reis explained.

KSHB 41 News reached out to the city of Shawnee who say its two aquatic centers and two splash pads will be open for the 2023 summer season.

Olathe has hired 300 lifeguards and is also confident it will be able to open all of its facilities.