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Prairie Village man creates dating website tailored to help him meet woman of his dreams

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Posted at 10:21 AM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 11:25:57-05

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Jeff Gebhart knows his dream girl is out there, and instead of waiting for her to fall in his lap, Gebhart is going above and beyond to find her.

This week, the Prairie Village, Kansas, man launched a website,, to find a wife.

The website offers $25,000 to the person who refers him to his future significant other. He also developed a personality survey with a psychiatrist to help filter applicants to ones who have similar characteristics to him.

"All we're doing here is trying to eliminate the time, frustration and disappointment associated with [dating apps],” the 47-year-old explained.

He describes himself as outgoing, health-conscious and passionate.

Gebhart admits he was basically married to work as a real estate investor as a young adult and is now looking to find a wife to share his life experiences with.

The website is making rounds on the internet with some people calling it genius and others desperate.

"Anytime you do something on this scale, you open yourself to ridicule and not everybody is going to love it. I don't need everybody to love it. I need two people to love it: myself and the right girl. And I love it, so actually we're down to one person," Gebhart defended his idea.

The dog lover will also donate $25,000 to a no-kill animal shelter or charity when he finds his match.