Read your emails closely: Scam email claims it's from FBI director

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is a new email scam making the rounds, and this one has people doing a double take.

The email scam, which in part warns people about email scams, looks like it's from Christopher Wray, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). But when you take a closer look there are clues that link it to being a scam.

The email will likely state that some amount of monetary funds are due to you from overseas, most likely from an inheritance, but then goes on to warn you that there are scams out there trying to get you to claim the money. 

The email does not ask you to click on a link like past scam emails but rather asks you to email your personal information to a bank where your funds are being held. 

In some cases, the bank is a legitimate bank, but the email for the person you are supposed to contact is not. 

"Law enforcement agencies will never solicit you or try to contact you via email," said Bridget Patton, a spokeswoman for the FBI, Kansas City office.

She went on to say that just because it looks like it's an official email does not mean it is, and if you receive any emails that you think might be a scam reach out to your local law enforcement agency or the FBI.

So before you get excited about that $10 million inheritance you didn't even know you were getting, do your due diligence and review the email carefully. Your dreams of owning a Lamborghini might disappear as quickly as your identity. 

See a copy of this scam email below with tips on how to identify a scam. 

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