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Resident shares voting issues during Missouri Presidential Primary

Posted at 4:33 PM, Mar 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-11 20:01:31-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mayor Quinton Lucas' denial of voting Tuesday morning is garnering national attention. He tried to cast his vote, however, due to worker error, his name was wrong.

Lucas said he didn't have time to stay around, but returned to the polls hours later to cast his vote.

But others are sharing complications at the polls on Tuesday. Lily Brown ran into problems when she voted in Kansas City.

"I showed up to my polling location, and I had all my stuff ready to go,” Brown said. “They scanned my voter ID card, and it was showing my old address so they said I wasn't able to vote there.”

Brown said she moved last August and updated her address, but it wasn't reading in the voting system.

"The fact that my address didn't show up as like my current address is a little concerning,” she said. “It doesn't instill a lot of faith for me in the whole system.”

She voted using a provisional ballot, meaning her vote will be counted later if the election office verifies her information.

But if the issue cannot be solved at the polling place, provisional ballots are the only way to go.

"If we find they are registered, they will be counted just like all the other ballots and added in when we do our official count," said Tiffany Francis, Democrat Director of the Clay County Election Board.

Francis said the county only had 34 provisional ballots this time.

"A lot of people update their address at the polls on election day they'll show up at their old poll and think they're supposed to be there we'll give them an address change and they'll take it to their new poll and then they're allowed to be written in a supplemental book and then they're allowed to vote," said Francis.

Voters can find out if their provisional ballot was counted by calling 866-868-3245.