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Residents concerned about new development in Hyde Park

Posted: 6:27 PM, May 31, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-31 19:27:45-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new development planned for the Hyde Park neighborhood has some residents frustrated.

The $78 million project is being done by Mac Properties and will include four buildings around the intersection of Armour and Troost.

The property will have apartments, retail and restaurants.

Many residents are excited about the project but some feel the development will not have enough parking.

The development will have 450 apartments with retail and restaurant space. Developer Peter Cassel said the plan originally had 189 parking spots but it has been updated after residents voiced concern. Now, there will be 225 parking spots, but some people say that still won’t be enough to accommodate the demand in an area that already has a lack of parking.

Jane Albright and her husband have lived in their Hyde Park home for 25 years.

“If we’ve had a problem living here, it’s been the parking congestion,” said Albright.

Jerry Jones lives nearby the intersection slated for the new development. He said he loves what Mac Properties has done for the neighborhood with all of their developments.

“The buildings that they have renovated up and down Armour are beautiful,” said Jones.

However, the parking with this latest project is a concern for him.

Jones said he’s worried about elderly residents who live in homes without driveways in Hyde Park.

Without adequate parking, Jones believes the streets near homes will become even more congested than they already are, and those residents who have homes without driveways will be forced to park long distances from their houses.

Albright agrees, she says the parking congestion already causes her problems. Cars tend to park overlapping each side of her driveway.

“We don’t want to call and report them because then they are towed. But, it is difficult to get out of the driveway when its crowded on both sides,” said Albright.

Albright said she also has noticed the street parking seems to attract crime.

“Just last night 3 cars parked in front of our house had their windows smashed in. I think this congestion of cars parked particularly quite a distance from their owners just lends itself to that kind of vandalism and crime,” said Albright.

Neighbors spoke at a meeting with the developer on Wednesday night. They are hopeful their concerns will be addressed.

“The reality is if it’s as successful as they believe it to be, and its as successful as many of the residents believe it will be then there is simply not enough parking,” said Jones.

Cassel said 225 spots are really the most they can do for the development.

The project still needs to be approved by the Planning Commission and City Council.

Cassel hopes to have the development completed by Spring of 2020.