Santa shares wishes from children

Posted at 5:08 PM, Dec 25, 2015
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Being Santa Claus is a tough job.


Just ask the man who dresses as Santa and makes frequent appearances in the greater Kansas City metro area.

The man, who shall remain nameless, says he has been doing the appearances for the last two years.

He says the most rewarding part of the job is seeing all the children smile.

They tell him their wishes, but making them come true can be a challenge.

Some of the challenges can be logistical, like when a child asks for a unicorn.

“I say that I need to check with the state wildlife officials and see if we're allowed to bring them in,” the man joked.

Other wishes come from very close to the heart, like when the man said he got a special wish from a young girl who wanted a ring to bring back her father, who passed away recently from cancer.

“You’re up close and personal with them,” he explained. “You got to make them feel confident that there is some hope for you to deliver that."

This year, the man who plays Santa said he heard a common wish from children.

“This year, Legos were really big,” said the man.

While dealing with the wide range of wishes, the man says his favorite part about being Santa is when he knows the children are having a fun time.

Santa is a symbol of Christmas and hope for many children all across the country, which can make living up to expectations tough.

While tough, the man says being Santa Claus is ultimately a rewarding experience.

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