Saturday election proved successful, according to board of elections

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The board of elections held the election for the new Streetcar Transportation Development District Board on Saturday in hopes of a better turn out.

2,648 people voted in the election, out of more than 35,000 who were eligible to vote.

That may not seem like a great turnout, but the board of election directors disagree.

"So 7 percent was a pretty good turnout for this type of election," said Lauri Ealom, Democratic Director of Elections.

The election board expected between 5 and 10 percent turnout.

Ealom believes having voters come out on a Saturday helped hit that mark.

The Saturday election also saved money.

"We were able to administer it cheaply and we had better turnout so overall this worked out perfect for this particular election," said Shawn Kieffer, Republican Director of Elections.

Candidates on the ballot were happy with the change of pace.

“I liked it because I didn't have to take the day off of work,” said David Johnson, who was elected to the Transportation Development District on Saturday.

Both directors say there was a steady stream of voters throughout the day, unlike Tuesday elections where everyone is trying to get in before and after work.

The directors say new technology they used on Saturday also helped make the election a smooth process.

This is the first election in Kansas City where 'PollPads' have been used. Essentially it's an iPad that helps get voters checked in quickly.

"They’re so simple it’s foolproof," said Ealom. "They’ve been designed specifically for the needs of the voters in Kansas City."

The PollPads will be used in future elections across the metro.

Only certain elections can be held on days other than Tuesday, but the election board says they’ll probably be having more Saturday elections when they can.

“Nice and calm and pleasant instead of the hustle and bustle of a normal election day,” said Kieffer.

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