Saving time and money on a safe ride on NYE

Posted at 9:42 PM, Dec 31, 2015
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You've got options when it comes to safe rides for New Year's Eve festivities in KC.

From a taxi, to Uber, there are hundreds of drivers in the metro ready to get you around.

The question is, how do you save time and money while staying safe?

We put that to the test:

Times:             6:30 p.m. | 7:30 p.m. | 8:30 p.m.

Location: 11461 W 95th Street Overland Park, KS

Distance: 14 miles


                     $19-$26 -   $19-$25   $19-$25
                      3 minutes - 2 minutes - 5 minutes

                      $32             $32             $32
                 20 minutes     20 minutes     20 minutes

Location: 6330 Brookside Plaza Kansas City, Mo.

Distance: 6 miles


                 $10-$14        $10-$13       $10-$13
                5 minutes     4 minutes      3 minutes

                    $15             $15            $15
               3 minutes    3 minutes      3 minutes

Uber driver Nolan Goldberg did about 30 trips last NYE.

He says there's one big benefit.

"Umm response time. We're usually there within five or 10 minutes," he said. Not to mention lower rates. Goldberg added, "Most times they'll be about 35 percent less. Tonight they'll be elevated."

Surge pricing is the reason why. That's when the demand for Uber sets the rate.

So on a night like NYE, it could cost exponentially more to take the exact same ride.

Terry O'Toole, general manager of the Kansas City Transportation Group says taxis don't work that way.

"My 600 cars that are on the street tonight will have zero surge pricing. We never surge price," O'Toole said. "You probably wouldn't go to the bar if they told you the beer tonight was going to cost you 10 times what it cost you last night."

Demand for rides on the busiest party night of the year is highest between midnight and 1:00 a.m. Your wait could increase outside of major entertainment districts like Power and Light, Westport or the Country Club Plaza.

41 Action News talked to some party goers tonight and safety was their number one priority.

So although time is valuable and money is too, O'Toole wants residents to keep in mind what's important.

 "It's not a commerce decision, it's a safety decision."

Be safe and see you in 2016.


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