Seven Days event ends with march at WWI museum

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Seven Days campaign ended Monday with a community march at the World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

It was established after the deaths of William Corporon, 14-year-old Reat Underwood and Terri LaManno in the Jewish Campus shootings in Overland Park on April 13, 2014. They were murdered by a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi white supremacist bent on killing Jews.

Mindy Corporon, lost her son Reat and father William in the shootings. She started the organization to promote unity and understanding instead of racial and religious hatred. Seven Days engages and educates people to connect, explore and embrace their differences; to overcome evil with acts of kindness.

The Faith Always Wins Foundation hosted this year’s event.  

"I want people to wake up and say 'If I meet somebody who doesn’t look like me, maybe doesn't pray like me or maybe doesn’t pray at all, I can I can still be kind to them.' That’s what I want people to think,“ said Corporon. 

The walk was a culmination of events that began last Tuesday promoting love, discovering and embracing diversity, connecting with community, taking care of you, youth on the go, engaging with youth of different faiths and onward engaging with community for the Faith Walk.  

Jack Reeves, is on the youth council and participated in the Seven Days activities including Monday’s walk.

“Well, as I’m walking I’m going to remember Reat and Terry and Bill and look forward to a future in which acts of hate and violence like this don’t happen.

Elizabeth Puthumana is also on the youth council and believes their involvement will help inspire other young people.

"There’s a culture of not caring and I want to encourage all young people to care about things that are important to them and to take action and do things like this take action in their communities and try to bring their community together against things they believe are wrong,” said Puthumana.

The Seven Days movement has become a global initiative.  

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