SevenDays Faith, Love & Song Competition looking for entries that inspire acceptance of others

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - SevenDays is looking for songwriters between the ages of 14 and 21 to enter their 2017 song competition.

In the three years since Dr. William Corporon, his grandson Reat Underwood, and Teresa LaManno lost their lives, the SevenDays-Make A Ripple, Change the World movement has continued to grow. It came to life in the aftermath of the April 13, 2014 shootings in Overland Park, Kansas.

This year the event is scheduled from April 18-24 and hopes to continue to promote kindness and interfaith dialogue to counter hate.

Songwriters interested in the competition should submit their work by Feb. 10. Organizers of SevensDays say they are looking for original compositions that inspire acceptance of others regardless of racial, religious or cultural differences.

Winners will be part of a special program on April 20 and will receive a scholarship fund to continue their studies.

For more information on how to enter, visit the SevenDays website.



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