Police investigate string of break-ins at local restaurants in Midtown and Westport

Posted at 4:32 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 20:25:37-04

Throughout this week, thieves have targeted five locally-owned restaurants in the Midtown area of Kansas City, Missouri.

One of those restaurants is Bluestem, located on Westport Road. It was broken into Monday morning.

The damage the restaurant is estimated right around $3,000.

"It’s just very annoying,” Bluestem co-owner,Megan Garrelts said. "This is an extension of our home. This isn’t just a business, it’s our house.”

Next door, Pot Pie was also broken into that same morning.

While nothing was taken from the restaurant, Garrelts said they’re now looking at costly damages.

“The livelihood of our employees is important and whenever it’s disrupted by anything, whether natural causes or something like a break-in, it’s very disappointing,” she said.

On Friday morning, owners of Room 39 received a call about someone breaking into their restaurant.

“It’s weird, they’ve hit all our close restaurant friends,” Room 39 General Manager,  Andrew Folger said. “I think obviously this person’s a foodie.”

Folger said damages to the door and some cash was taken. “And there was a scone! There was a scone missing, I saw crumbs. We have really good scones here,” Folger said. “I think they were like there’s not much money, so I’ll take a scone.”

While thieves didn't’t take much, owners say it still hits close to home.

“It’s hurtful, you know,” Folger said. “It’s kind of, you come up to the door and it’s damage and it’s kind of a scary thing.”

“You don’t like people in your house, and you don’t like people being in your restaurant who are uninvited,” Garrelts said.

Right now, KCPD stated they are actively running down lots of leads. They encourage anyone who may have any tips or information to call police.