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Sharice Davids, Amanda Adkins speak with voters Saturday ahead of Aug 2. primaries

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Posted at 5:12 PM, Jul 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-30 19:21:36-04

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — Another race with high anticipation this year is Kansas’ Third Congressional District seat for U.S. Congress.

Incumbent Sharice Davids is already the confirmed Democratic nominee for the November election, while Republican nominees Amanda Adkins and John McCaughrean will go head to head on Aug. 2 for the nomination.

Adkins was at a neighborhood in Spring Hill on Saturday morning to speak with her constituents about a wide variety of topics.

She took questions from the crowd, many of them focused around border security, education, small businesses, taxes and inflation.

Adkins says the average family in the third congressional district is paying $6,000 more a year due to inflation.

“What I’ve heard from people is significant frustration," Adkins said. "Most people don’t feel like they are better off today."

So, her focus will be on getting results. She believes her 15-year business career and working for the Kansas Republican Party has prepared her for this role.

“My promise to the community is that I am going to win. I’m marching toward victory, because my win this election is going to be a part of the change that people are hoping for in the future," Adkins said. "We have got get this country back on track."

Meanwhile Rep. Sharice Davids is canvassing, making sure she is meeting her new voters face to face.

She hopes all voters will know that their lives matter to her. Following the redistricting, she joined the House Agricultural Committee to better serve her voters in rural areas.

While she is not working toward Aug. 2, she says hot button items like the Value Them Both amendment have her on her feet around neighborhoods to canvass.

I think it’s important for me to make sure I’m showing up,” Davids said. “There are a lot of things I’ve been able to do over the course of my time serving the third district that I think people have appreciated, and I’m really looking forward to continuing to work hard for folks here."

KSHB 41 reached out to Republican candidate John McCaughrean competing in the primaries and received this response:

We’re feeling more and more confident as we approach Tuesday’s election. We’ve talked to a lot of good people all over the Kansas 3rd since November of last year and have quietly built momentum over the months. We like the response we’ve gotten and believe we are going to do far more ― to some people surprisingly more ― than just show up in Tuesday night’s returns. Our focus this weekend is on connecting to as many voters as possible at the Miami and Anderson County fairs and other events throughout the district. Monday we will be reminding our voters who haven’t voted early to be ready to go on election day to cast their ballots for John McCaughrean and other conservative, non-establishment candidates running for county and statewide offices.

As from the beginning, what sets me apart is being non-establishment. Our opponent can name the issues but is rather vague as to what she will actually do about them. We have laid out detailed plans on fighting inflation, returning the U.S. to energy independence, closing the border, dealing with the China threat, securing parental rights once and for all, ending the fentanyl crisis, repealing the remnants of Obamacare and making sure our wounded veterans and our children with birth defects and disabilities are receiving proper treatment. We will be ready to start implementing those plans Day One next January.

I am the only candidate of either party in the 3rd District with both national security and foreign policy experience. As an Army intelligence officer, I briefed our generals and NATO senior staff on a daily basis in two tours of Iraq and one of Afghanistan. I read the presidential daily briefing before the president did. I also have an MBA from Penn State, so I’m knowledgeable on business, the economy and how to fix our inflationary spiral. I’m ready, willing and able to serve the people of the Kansas 3rd District in Washington, D.C.
John McCaughrean