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Shatto Home Delivery offers more than groceries, now delivers masks and COVID-19 testing kits

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jan 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-08 23:50:53-05

KEARNEY, Mo. — Taking the idea of a milkman to the next level, Shatto Home Delivery offers not only Shatto Milk and local groceries to doorsteps but masks and COVID-19 home testing kits, too.

“Most recently, we have had a lot of customers reach out to us and ask for masks, and COVID testing kits and those types of things being able to be delivered direct to their home. So thankfully, we have been able to find those products for our customers,” said Matt Shatto, owner of Shatto Home Delivery.

Shatto said they took on this task to meet the needs of their customers while spicing things up a bit.

“Just more recently with COVID, it’s allowed us to be even more valuable with our customers, to allow them to stay home, to allow them to distance in the way that they choose to do so,” Shatto said.

However, finding KN95 masks and COVID-19 testing kits to keep inventory in stock is no easy task.

“Unfortunately, I’m sure we are not able to buy these supplies at the same prices as your other companies that buy them because we are just a small ma and pa family farm delivery company,” Shatto said.

Shatto explains the company’s role in adding these items, along with thousands of groceries already in their catalog, is to help put customers at ease during this time of uncertainty.

“We look back in the past year of the stories, the experiences and the opportunities that we’ve had as a company, we’ve had as people and as the milkman," Shatto said. "The relationship we have had with our customers, it provides us great pride in the idea that we can be a part of their story as they get through what has been a difficult time for many people."