1 charged after offensive graffiti found on Shawnee Mission East building

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - UPDATE 2/28/2017: One person has been charged after offensive graffiti was found on an outbuilding at Shawnee Mission East High School.


The Shawnee Mission School District is investigating vandalism to several of Shawnee Mission East’s outbuildings. 

Staff and students arrived for school on Friday and saw graffiti of swastikas and vulgar words. 

“It’s so ignorant that you would bring up a symbol like that, that would bring so much pain to people,” said senior Sarah Milgrim. “It’s not OK.”

Milgrim said Friday marked the first time she’s felt unsafe at school.

"You know, I worry about going to my synagogue and now I have to worry about safety at my school and that shouldn’t be a thing," she said. 

The district is investigating the vandalism. 

Authorities have narrowed it down to eight to 10 students who could face criminal and administrative consequences. 

Friday marked the end of a four-week community service competition between Shawnee Mission East and Shawnee Mission South high schools. 

Students believe the ongoing rivalry triggered the incident. 

“I think the rivalry is ridiculous,” said sophomore Alex Freeman. “We were raising money and supplies, a competition with each other, to sort of have a positive thing come from the rivalry.”

Maintenance staff cleaned up the words and pictures Friday morning, but the feelings it brought to many people cannot be washed away.

"I hope they learn their lesson, and I hope they learn to be more tolerable, nicer people,” said Milgrim.

Prairie Village police are also investigating the incident. 



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