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Sigma Chi suspends chapter at University of Kansas amid hazing allegations

KU campus
Posted at 6:48 AM, Jul 20, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Sigma Chi International Fraternity Executive Committee has voted to indefinitely suspend the fraternity's chapter at the University of Kansas amid allegations of hazing in Lawrence, Kansas.

The suspension is effective immediately, according to an announcement from Sigma Chi.

The fraternity cited "accountability issues within the chapter" as the reasoning behind the suspension.

The university has been aware of alleged hazing since January, and worked with the Sigma Chi national organization to address the issue, "educate the chapter and help create a stronger student organization," a spokesperson with the University of Kansas Office of Public Affairs said.

"The members’ actions were inconsistent with the Fraternity’s values, and the EC was left with no other option than to suspend the chapter’s charter," a release from Sigma Chi said.

Undergraduate members of Sigma Chi now have a suspended active status and cannot participate in anything that could be viewed as a Sigma Chi activity.

"We commend the Sigma Chi national chapter for its strong action in this case, and support its efforts to protect the health and safety of students, a value which we share," the KU spokesperson said.

The university will continue its own resolution process as it continues to look into the alleged hazing.

"KU expects its students and organizations to conduct themselves responsibly, and has worked to boost education and outreach efforts on the topic of hazing to ensure those who witness hazing can intervene to stop hazing behaviors, in addition to ensuring that victims of hazing know how to report and are protected from retaliation," the spokesperson said.

The fraternity said in the announcement it aims to eventually resume activities at the University of Kansas, but no timeline is known.

In January, the Phi Delta Theta and Phi Gamma Delta fraternities were removed from campus until 2027 due to accusations of harm to persons, hazing, retaliation and abuse of conduct process.

"The Fraternity also will partner with the University of Kansas to ensure that future members of the chapter will have a positive environment where they can be successful in their endeavors," the release said.