Signs tell people to 'Drive Like Your Kids Live Here' in Volker neighborhood

Posted: 8:24 PM, Jun 22, 2016
Updated: 2016-06-23 15:34:24-04
Neighborhood gets creative to stop speeding
Neighborhood gets creative to stop speeding

If you're driving down a street in the Volker neighborhood of Kansas City, there are some bright red and blue signs that are hard to miss. 

They say "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" and "Drive Like Your Pets Live Here."

Kara Werner saw them in another Midtown neighborhood and wanted to bring them to her street because "it made me stop and think. It made me pause."

Along with 30 of her neighbors, Werner raised $825 to buy 100 yard signs to distribute in the area.

She told 41 Action News the message is needed since "it's a common theme. People's cars have been hit, pets have been hit and obviously the fear is that one day it could be one of the kiddos that live here in Volker," she said. 

Luis Baez lives across the street from Werner.

His four children love to play outside, so he has seen the problems with drivers.

"I mean, I have to be on the sidewalk watching them and everything because I tell you, they do stop at the stop sign, but after the stop sign, they take off," Baez said. 

We took our own radar gun to clock the speed of cars during a weekday evening rush hour. On average, cars were driving about 30 mph. The speed limit is 25 mph. 

"I feel like this kind of is a universal thing that anyone kind of understands, whether or not they even have kids. Nobody wants to hit a child," Werner said. "This to me was just something that was super cost-effective. Why not try it? Why not see what happens? And here we are."

Baez says cars are slowing down and that makes him feel a little safer. 

The signs are part of a national push to promote neighborhood safety. You can find out how to bring the signs to your neighborhood here.



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