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Snow removal companies prepare for winter

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Posted at 4:01 AM, Nov 05, 2021

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Jim Martz of Martz Bros. Snow Management has dodged labor shortages and supply chain issues that have dominated the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s good news as he approaches the busiest season for his business: winter.

“We prepare all year around for snow,” he said.

He also said relationships, location and cooperative weather have all helped his cause.

First, the relationships Martz has formed with employees, contractors and suppliers over the past 25 years are paying off. Those people are now by his side when other businesses are struggling to find employees or get goods delivered.

“I think that’s always set us apart, because you’re only as good as your team,” Martz said. “I would put our team up against any other team.”

Secondly, Martz’s location in Kansas City, Kansas, is just a few hours away from the salt mines in the western part of the state. That means supply chain issues and logistical hurdles don’t impact getting the material he needs to get the job done.

“It’s fortunately not sitting in a barge out off the coast of California,” Martz said while in the salt barn.

Lastly, timing is important. The past two years the metropolitan area received snowfall in October. This year KC hasn't seen snow so early. As a result, there was no early spike in demand for drivers or salt.

“We’re lucky,” Martz admitted. “So far we’ve seen a few of those problems, but not as massive as the rest of the country has seen.”

One potential problem on Martz’s mind is fuel prices. As the price for a gallon of diesel climbs, so does the cost of doing business.

Martz said he’s prepared for snow any day, but is always open to hiring more people during the winter.

Both state departments of transportation in Missouri and Kansas are hiring snow plow drivers. A commercial driver’s license is required. Visit the websites of KDOT or MoDOT for more information on how to apply.