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Some Raytown students unable to attend school due to registration issues

Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 19:00:02-04

RAYTOWN, Mo. — It wasn’t the smoothest first day of class for some Raytown students. 

Parents 41 Action News spoke with said paperwork prevented their kids from going to class, like Tameka Williams.

"I already did that. So, why can't my kids go to school?” asked Williams when trying to register her two kids. 

Over the past two days, a number of parents reached out to 41 Action News telling us they had problems enrolling their children in Raytown Schools. 

The superintendent said waiting until the last minute was part of the problem. 

“The last two days, Monday and Tuesday, 1,100 students enrolled on the last two days. This was the first time we saw them. Last week, if you combine those two days with last week, almost 3,000 students,” said Dr. Allan Markley, the superintendent of Raytown Quality Schools.

But, Markley conceded there were some errors on the district’s part.

“I think it’s some errors on our part as far as not necessarily our software system, but when you have 8-10-15,16 hours trying to enroll folks some things get missed,” he said. 

Williams moved here from Milwaukee and was trying to register her daughter, who was to start her freshman year on Wednesday. She spent part of her day waiting at the district's conference center to find out when she could start.

“You get in there, I’m number 276. That’s like another hour wait. Just to find out, just for them to find out they sent me these emails that she can go to school,” said Williams

She blames the student health records system called Care Dox.

“It says the nurse accepted it from the high school, Anyiah’s health forms is approved. Sincerely, Raytown School District. But yet, they don’t have it,” said Williams.

She also waited as her middle school son sat in a classroom waiting to be fully enrolled. 

District officials said they’re not happy with the way things turned out either.

“I am just as frustrated as they are. I want kids in school. I want them there on the first day," said Markley.

Markley said about 100 students were not in class on Wednesday because of registration problems, but he said the district is working to get them in as soon as Thursday.