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Stand With Ukraine KC hosts benefit auction for medical supplies, humanitarian efforts

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Posted at 5:35 PM, Apr 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-24 06:29:44-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Stand With Ukraine KC hosted a benefit auction Saturday to send proceeds to Ukraine. All money raised will provide medical supplies and critical humanitarian aid to those in war zones.

Event organizer Nataliia Hieronymus says all auction items were donated by Kansas City-area locals. Donations include traditional Ukrainian clothing, jewelry, art, books and even collector’s items from history ranging in price from $15 to $500.

Hieronymus’ daughter is currently helping with relief efforts overseas. She says the auction is a small way to continue doing her part from the U.S.

Ukrainians, they are desperate of medicine, and we’re trying to save people’s life,” Hieronymus said. “Russia is very big country, they have a lot of resources. And we need help from the whole world to overcome this war."

Sue Weisensee says all the pieces she won in the auction are now talking points — something she can pass on to her grandchildren.

“It’s just worth the investment. Not only is it going for a good cause, this is now a memory piece,” she said of her new painting and traditional blanket. “It’s just a piece of history now. It’s going to live on even after we are gone.”

While Weisensee is unable to serve on the front lines, she hopes she can at least provide financial assistance for those who can.

“As Americans, we can get comfortable with the status quo. So I would encourage anyone — do what you can. And even if you can’t physically help out, most people can give $10, $20, $30,” she said.

All items not sold Saturday will be posted online for a silent auction. The link is already up and runs through April 28 at noon.