KC lawmaker pushes for statewide bump stock ban

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Missouri lawmaker plans to file legislation making it harder to modify rifles to make them work like fully automatic guns. 

State Representative Richard Brown, a democrat from Kansas City, drafted a law making it illegal to possess, buy, sell, repair, manufacture or transport bump stocks and trigger cranks in the state. 

Both items can make guns fire more bullets in a given period of time. 

“I support the Second Amendment and value the adherence of the U.S. Constitution, but I also realize that public safety is absolutely essential,” said Brown in a statement ahead of his announcement, which is expected at noon Friday. 

“Violence that is perpetrated with firearms must be stopped. We need legislation that strives to prevent individuals from harming our loved ones. It is critical that the power and responsibility of bearing arms does not fall into the wrong hands,” the statement continued. 

Bump stocks jumped into the national spotlight when investigators revealed the shooter who killed more than 50 people in Las Vegas used the item on his guns. 

Several anti-violence groups support Brown's proposal. But some gun advocates argue regulations on equipment will not prevent violence. 


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